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How It Works

Recycling your IT equipment couldn't be easier. We offer a generous reward depending upon the new Dell Qualifying Product you purchase - the more you spend, the greater your reward!

Please check the "Qualifying Products" page to find out which new product is right for you.

As a quick overview, here's what you need to do.

  • Purchase a qualifying Dell product either from Dell or a Dell distributor /reseller/ retailer
  • Send your trade in IT equipment* with a copy of your claim form and a copy of the Dell invoice or receipt (for your new Dell Qualifying Product) within 21 days of the invoice date
  • Provided the trade in equipment is received by Dell as per your claim, matches your description, the promotion terms are complied with and you've provided your bank details, we'll send your cash via bank transfer.
  • We will ethically dispose of your traded in IT equipment.
*Some traded in equipment is subject to conditions, including that it should be functional and undamaged (normal wear and tear is acceptable) with original power cables. Age restrictions apply to IT equipment traded in. Cash reward is payable as cash back further to submission of a claim in accordance with the promotion terms. Cash reward amount is determined per Qualifying Product model, as set out herein and subject to the promotion terms. This promotion and specifically the processing of traded in equipment and reward payment is managed by Opia. Please see terms and conditions for more information.

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